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Millie Calesky - Personal & Professional Coach, Speaker, Trainer, Writer

Millie Calesky - Writer

Millie Calesky is a freelance writer, specializing in topics concerning personal and professional development, health and wellness, self-acknowledgement and self-care.

Her published articles include:

Power Networking: 5 Tips for Professional Success
Bershire Business News
Sept. 13, 2004

Talk for Success - How Public Speaking Can Help You Thrive Professionally.
The Door Opener
June, 2004.
10 tips to get you jump-started as a public speaker

Public Speaking Boosts Skills and Opportunities
Berkshire Business News
March 1, 2004

Networking Gets Results in the World of Business
Berkshire Business News
September 8, 2003

How to be your own best coach
The Care Givers' Compendium
Winter, 2000

How balanced is your life?
Compendium - The Professional Voice for Healthcare
Summer, 2000

Self Care 101 - Why & How to Put Your Needs First
Compendium - The Professional Voice for Healthcare
Spring 2000

Berkshire Toastmasters boosts skills and confidence
The South Advocate
August 9, 2000

Life coaching helps people perform at their peak
The South Advocate
July 5, 2000

Networking gets results in the world of business
The South Advocate
March 1, 2000


Please contact Millie if you'd like copies of the articles that are listed above.

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Coach University
(413) 655-2555
336 Michaels Road
Hinsdale, MA 01235
(413) 655-0006