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Millie Calesky - Personal & Professional Coach, Speaker, Trainer, Writer

Millie's Frequently Asked Questions

Why work with Coach Millie?
The best reason is to get from here to there. Clients come to work with me when there is something they want to change or achieve, or when they feel they are not making progress with something important to them. They may feel stuck, frustrated, or unsure about how to proceed. The issue may be business or personal, or both. Together, we explore what is going on and identify obstacles in their path. As we talk, I help them clarify their vision. At this point, some can proceed on their own. For others, I walk the path with them until they reach their destination.

What do you do as a coach? What happens?
Coaching is a dialogue. I ask questions that help people open up and encourage them to explore. Through our work together, my clients come to see their challenges in a new light. Their confidence grows. They learn to understand and appreciate their strengths. As they uncover new strategies and solutions, they gain the impetus to take their next steps without fear.

How does coaching differ from therapy?
Coaching is about making things practical, manageable, and achievable by knowing and using strengths. We don’t spend time looking into the past to understand the roots of problems. Rather, we focus on the present and the future. The idea is to help people get moving in the direction they choose. I focus on where clients want to make progress, are able to make progress, and are ready to make progress. Part of the work is brainstorming and breaking things down into small, bite-sized, manageable pieces. When that happens, people get energized. It’s hard to leap, but we can all take small steps.

Who does well in coaching?
First, people must be ready to make a commitment to the work. When clients seek help from a coach, they must think of it as an investment—of time, energy, and resources—in themselves and their potential. People who do the best are ready to take steps, even small ones, towards their future. Just to show up is a start.

How long does it last? What is the process?
I ask new clients to commit to at least three months. Some may choose to stay longer. The structure that coaching offers helps keep them on track. We schedule 2-4 sessions per month to keep the momentum of change going. Measurable results should be apparent soon after starting our work together.

I coach by phone, because I have found that it is an excellent way to focus, and because our time can be put to better use than travel. If questions or crises arise between sessions, my clients can feel free to call or email me. So you can feel confident of my help and support, my service includes unlimited email and as-needed phone consults between coach calls. I am always happy to look over a résumé, writing, or marketing materials.

What is your initial consultation like?
1. Before the initial consultation, I email new clients some basic questions that encourage them to introduce themselves, and to articulate an area of life where they are ready to make a change or shift. I ask them to spell it out and explain why and how it is important. I suggest that they choose three goals they hope to reach in the next three months.

2. When we speak together, we focus on and explore the shift or change they want. Sometimes the goals are tangible (finish a project, launch a business, increase earnings). Sometimes they’re intangible (be happier on the job; be more productive; increase confidence related to a goal; improve self-motivation and self-organization; change negative thinking patterns). These goals are not abstract. We aim to achieve measurable success.

3. Together we create a plan to get them jump-started on the path to success.

How will I know I'm making progress?
At the end of each session, we will agree on measurable actions to take before next session. This encourages accountability and continued progress. To see visible evidence that changes are happening is very energizing. As confidence and success grow, there may also be a ripple effect into other areas of life.

How can I schedule a free consultation?
To set up your free consultation, you can contact me by email, complete my contact form, or call me at 413-655-2555.

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