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Millie Calesky - Personal & Professional Coach, Speaker, Trainer, Writer

What is Coaching?

Most of us know what sports coaches do. In the gym and on the playing field, they help athletes achieve far more than they would on their own.

Although life coaching is focused on personal and professional issues, it still shares a lot in common with its counterpart in sports. Both are based on the belief that, given the support, motivation and guidance that coaches provide, we can all excel and achieve beyond our expectations.

Coaches provide the structure, guidance and encouragement that can make goals achievable. Willingness and a commitment to change are all that are necessary to get started.

Top 10 benefits of working with a coach

1. Develop a greater appreciation of your strengths and achievements. You'll recognize and acknowledge all the positives about yourself. You'll feel stronger and bolder.
2. Boost your confidence. You'll see yourself differently and others will too.
3. Develop greater clarity and focus. You're working with someone trained to listen to you and provide feedback. Your coach will help you hear yourself.
4. Reach for and achieve more. Your coach will hold a large vision for you - often larger than you hold for yourself.
5. Make better / smarter decisions. Your coach's perspective will help you clarify your priorities. You'll also benefit from their training and experience and have access to their network.
6. Live a more balanced life. You'll assess areas of your business and personal life that are more or less balanced. You'll start spending more time on what you value most.
7. Make and keep more money. You'll get in touch with what you want most. You'll learn how to ask for and get more.
8. Follow through and complete your projects. You'll be more likely to persevere and less likely to give up when the going gets tough.
9. Increase access to your intuition - your deepest values and wishes. The greater your awareness, the more you'll manifest.
10. Accelerate your growth. Because your path is clearer, you'll be less likely to get waylaid by obstacles. You'll be more decisive and move forward at at pace that you'd never thought possible.

If you would like to reap these benefits, please call or e-mail today for a complimentary coaching session.

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