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Millie Calesky - Personal & Professional Coach, Speaker, Trainer, Writer

Millie's Stepping Stones to Success through Coaching

At this time, you may be feeling stuck professionally. Maybe you’ve been trying to enhance your business or career, but haven’t made much headway. You may not really believe that you’ve got what it takes to achieve what you want most. You may feel frustrated because you have great ideas, but aren’t taking action toward making them become reality. Maybe you don’t know how to get started, or you know how to but just can’t get moving forward. You may be poorly organized or easily distracted. You may set deadlines for yourself, only to see them pass by with the work undone. You may also feel that you’re working in a vacuum, too much on your own. You may be working harder and longer, but feel disappointed that you aren’t reaping your just rewards.

You may doubt your ability and question whether have the confidence necessary to achieve your goals. Confidence is the by-product of taking risks, and you’ll never get it while sitting still.

You may think that you’ve got to do it all yourself, and that, if you get help, you’re letting yourself down. Self-reliance is good, but not if it keeps you from getting the support that would get you to your goals faster and more effectively.

One great way to boost your self esteem and start moving forward is by working with a coach. As your business coach, I’ll help you experience the exhilaration that comes as you get past the boulders in your path, open the gate to your great inner potential, and exceed your greatest dreams for yourself.

Here are the stepping stones that we’ll follow to lead you to your destination:
1. Explore the gap– Together we’ll explore the gap between where you find yourself and where you’d truly like to be. This can be a time of restlessness and uneasiness. I will provide you with a safe and supportive context in which you can explore openly and fearlessly.

2. Clarify your direction -- After considering all possible options – you’ll clarify where you truly want to be heading. As your path becomes clearer, progress will become easier. You’ll intuitively know that your direction is right for you.

3. Identifying the obstacles – You’ll identify the inner & outer boulders that block your progress. Fear may seem to be your greatest obstacle -- fear of the unknown, of failure, or of success. You may think that your path must be free of barriers before you can begin your journey, but this need not be so. The only requirement for success is your commitment to change.

4. Appreciate your strengths – I’ll help you experience yourself as your greatest resource. Should you question your ability to reach your goal, we’ll look at your past achievements and the strengths that made them possible. You’ll come to recognize yourself as the courageous, intelligent and powerful person you truly are.

5. Identify the stepping stones -- Coming from a place of new-found hopefulness and anticipation, you’ll identify the stepping stones that will lead to your desired destination. You won’t need to know them all to get started – only those that will mark the start of your journey. As you progress, you’ll come to trust yourself more and your ability to recognize future steps.

6. Embark on your journey – As you get started on your journey, I’ll walk the path with you, step by step. With each achievement, we’ll take time to acknowledge and celebrate your successes. This appreciation of your efforts will strengthen you and propel you forward. As challenges arise, you’ll dip into your ever- deepening reservoir of strength and move past hurdles as they arise.

7. Celebrate your progress – We’ll review and honor your progress on an on-going basis. When you’re ready to say goodbye, we’ll celebrate your journey. I’ll be available to you as a source of on-going support.

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