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Millie Calesky - Personal & Professional Coach, Speaker, Trainer, Writer

Why choose Millie Calesky?

All coaches will help you define, set and achieve your goals. What makes my approach unique is that my focus is on helping you appreciate your own strengths and wisdom. Once you're in touch with this, it will be easier for you to move forward. You might be surprised to read this, but my experience is that, most of the time, we know much more about what we want than we think we do. We just don't trust ourselves. I will assist you in gaining clarity about what you really want and help you figure out how to get there.

Suggested Reading:

"Facing change? Get a coach"
By Lesley Ann Beck, Berkshire Eagle Staff - Berkshires Week. October 13, 2005.
Lesley Ann Beck profiles and photographs Millie in coaching action.

"Life coaching helps people perform at their peak."
by Millie Calesky. The North and South Advocate - Vol. XI, No. 27.

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