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Vol.1, No.7

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"Life was full of huge challenges when I finally decided to call Millie for coaching.  Illness had backed up major projects for months and rumors of layoffs were going around.  Demands were accelerating.  Millie was a godsend!  She systematically and cheerfully worked with me to go beyond discouragement to productivity. She helped me clarify steps to completion and set priorities for each week. Her tips and tools for success are still helpful as I have now successfully moved into a new organization that is in a growth mode.  Millie is practical and optimistic.  When life gets a little too wild, call Millie.  Her generous spirit and non-judgmental task orientation will keep you moving forward."
J. Ann Craig

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Break through your roadblocks! 
Here's how:

What stands between you and what you want most?  Does it seem as though there's a giant boulder blocking your path?  Do you feel stuck -- as though, no matter what you do or try, you'll never move forward?

As a coach, it's my experience that there's almost always something that you can do to get past your fear and resistance.  If you're ready to break through, here are three steps to help you get over, under or around those barriers:

Look for an opening/take a tiny step forward. 
Look for one little action that can help you move forward.  Ask yourself to take one step, no more.  Even though it may seem too small to be consequential, it can help you start to build momentum.  Years back I decided that I wanted to study the piano.  I found it so hard to sit at the keyboard and practice that I was ready to give up.  My teacher recommended that I practice for five minutes each day.  That sounded ridiculous to me.  Five minutes is such a short amount of time.  What can you do in five minutes?  The answer--a lot more than nothing -- which is what I'd been doing.  His simple advice helped me progress at a time that it just didn't seem possible.

Don't wait to feel ready!
Clients often share that they don't want to move forward with their project until they feel ready.  Their fear leads them to hesitate.  They rationalize that it will be easier to get started later rather than sooner.  By delaying, they're actually decreasing the likelihood that they'll ever get going.  Procrastination rarely leads to action or change.  What's amazing is that, by giving yourself a gentle nudge and taking one tiny step forward, you'll break through your inertia, gain momentum, and greatly increase the probability of achieving your goal.   

Don't go it alone - get support!
Independence is overrated.   We need each other and can accomplish so much more by getting support.  Going it alone can be isolating.  Working with others can accelerate your growth and stimulate both your creativity and productivity.  It's also expansive and fun. 

To get yourself moving, you may want to consider working with a professional coach.   Coaching is a proven strategy for breaking through barriers.  Your coach will help you appreciate your strengths and build muscle in areas that need work. 

Another way to get support is by teaming up with a 'business buddy' - a colleague with similar goals.  You can meet regularly and help each other with your professional/personal 'evolution.'  Also - consider joining professional organizations in your field and/or community.  If you do, you'll build new relationships and learn about opportunities that you might not hear about otherwise.

You don't have to stay blocked. 
Rather than repeating old behavior and grinding yourself deeper into your rut, why not experiment with a new approach?  Try one of the three simple strategies that we've described.  You have nothing to lose but the boulders in your path!

Please let me know how these tips have helped you.
Write to me at

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