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Vol. 1, No. 3  


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What people are saying about Millie:
"Working with hundreds of speakers 
each year, I found Millie to be
extremely professional, easy to
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speaking style is warm and
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Millie offers insightful and
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language that is easy for people
to understand. I have thoroughly
enjoyed working with her
and would highly recommend Millie

as a dynamic trainer and speaker."
Trish Blain, Founder

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How well do you listen? 
Three ways to tune in more effectively.

"Listen to learn, learn to listen." - 12 Step Slogan

Listening accounts for 40% of your communication time.   It's also the way that you tune into and stay connected with others.

How important is it for you to be a good listener?
How important is it that you be able to take in information and stay attuned? 

It is essential.

Good listening is powerful -- an act of caring.  Speaking freely with someone who you know is listening can be transforming.  It helps you tap into your intuition and access an inner 'knowing' that might otherwise be unreachable.  In 1998, during a professional transition, I consulted with a coach for the first time.  The greatest gift that he gave me was his caring attention.  He listened and helped me tune into myself.  I clarified what I wanted, developed an action plan, and moved forward at an accelerated pace.  Because my coach listened and helped me recognize my deepest wishes, I chose an excellent career path and never looked back.   

Good listening isn't easy.  Most of us get little, if any, instruction in this area.  It is assumed (erroneously) that because we can hear, we can also listen, and therefore we need no further training.  We may carry poor listening skills into adult life, unaware of our shortcoming.  This can take its toll in our professional and personal lives.

Are you a skillful listener, or do you have poor listening habits such as:

- Interrupting the speaker.

- Not looking at the speaker.

- Rushing the speaker.

- Topping the speaker's story with "That reminds me" or
   "That's nothing, let me tell you about"

- Getting ahead of the speaker and finishing her/his  

Even if you answer yes to just one of these, your listening skills will benefit from some first aid.  Here are
3 ways to tune in to others more effectively:

Choose to improve --Awareness is the beginning of change.  Once you've become aware that your listening habits could use some tweaking, make the decision to take action.  Practice listening as you do with any other skill that you want to improve.  When you notice that your attention is drifting or you're interrupting the speaker, forgive yourself for slipping, and refocus. 

Look like you're listening -- Show your partner that you're genuinely interested in what s/he has to say.  Use frequent eye contact.  Lean slightly toward the person talking.  Show with nods that you're following what s/he is talking about. 

Sound like you're listening -- Use prompting phrases to keep yourself engaged and show your partner that you're actively tuned in.  These can include:  Hmmm, Oh?, Go ahead. Tell me more.  Provide verbal summaries as your partner speaks.  You can do this by repeating back what you heard them say: "What I hear you saying is",  "Is that right?", "As I understand you, you",  "It sounds like".

Becoming a better listener is an act of caring.  It can help you get closer to family members, negotiate an agreement, or provide better customer service.  To get started, try one of the strategies suggested above.  What are you willing to do today to improve your listening skills?

Please let me know how these tips have helped you.
Write to me at

Quote du Jour

"The most basic of all human needs is the need to understand and be understood.  The best way to understand people is to listen to them." - Ralph Nichols

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